Social media

Rvdb uses social media to keep you informed about our services and hr trends and to give you a peek inside our company. You can follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+. An overview of our social media channels can be found here.

The use of social media is not subject to any conditions from Rvdb. You agree with the conditions of the social media platform.

Contact with Rvdb through social media

If you ask us a question through social media, we will save your message and your account name, so we can respond to you. Are you in our system? Then we will link your information to your Rvdb profile.

We will also contact you on Instagram to ask if we can use a picture of you for marketing purposes. We will contact you if you post a photo and mention (the services of) Rvdb by tagging or using a hashtag. We will not use the photo without your permission.

Advertisements of Rvdb on social media

Rvdb makes use of the advertising possibilities of social media platforms. We will show you advertisements based on the information that the social media platform collects with your consent. For example, that you follow us or are interested in HR-related topics. Rvdb has no influence on what information social media platforms collect from you. This is stated in the terms and conditions of the social media platform and can often be managed in the settings of your social media profile.