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We believe HR can be different. Innovative, agile and influential. We are professionals with guts who dare to break through the status quo. With an eye for individuals and teams in the organisation. Because people make the difference. People make progress.

Rvdb searches, selects, connects and develops people in the HR profession. Our paths cross at different moments in your life when it comes to your own development and work in hr, or as a client. If you don't know us yet, we will do everything we can to get in touch with you. We want to know who you are and what you want. And we believe there is more to you, more than you think.

We speak to more than 3500 HR professionals and 500 clients a year. That could be about hiring hrm professionals in your team, or about looking for a new work environment. Maybe you would like to join Rvdb as a hr top player? Or would you like to participate in one of our development programmes? We can also help develop your hr team with a tailor-made programme.

How well do we know each other?

Rvdb Recruitment

snel en efficiënt schakelen

The 20 dedicated Rvdb recruitment consultants invite you to our well-known kitchen table in our beautiful office in Amsterdam. Because it is cosy and because it enables us to keep our quality high. They know which HR issues exist and are able to focus the conversation in order to come to pragmatic solutions. Whatever hr issue you are facing, we will help you further.

HR Recruitment

The unique combination of hr expertise, a large network and the close cooperation of our recruitment consultants proves itself time and again. When we start a recruitment & selection procedure for you, we present three candidates within three weeks. We know hr professionals from operational to strategic level and from specialist to generalist. Our network is large, there are more than 30,000 hr professionals in our database.

HR Interim

You are looking for a temporary solution? We also provide very short turnaround times for our interim procedure. Within two days you already have CVs from two candidates. We have specially selected 500 self-employed people in our database. We work closely together with these self-employed people and know them through and through. This ensures fast and efficient matching. A durable match for your organisation is therefore easily made. We work with a commission contract approved by the Tax Office, which means that as a client you do not run the risk of additional taxes.

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Rvdb Teaineeships

In addition, we employ over 50 in-house hr professionals who we second. These are all temporary hr interim players with refreshing ideas, a lot of ambition and energy, who are agile, flexible and quickly deployable. They all follow the development programme. A unique and distinctive programme in which they work on both their personal and professional development. We have an HR Traineeship as well as a Recruitment Traineeship.

HR Executive Search

When looking for a senior profile, for example a director hr or a specialist such as director rewards, - talent acquisition or - talent management, expertise and trust are essential and care is paramount. What does the organisation need, what does the desired profile look like? We are happy to make an appointment to discuss the profile and explain our working method. Our senior consultants really understand the HR business, ask the right questions and are happy to think along at this level. We have been working in this field for years, have a large network and know the top of HR in the Netherlands like no other. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact:

Nienke Sinnaeve or Stefanie Fett for permanent positions
Bob Smits voor interim positions

Our network is large and also reaches the top of HR Netherlands. In this context, we would like to refer you to the HRtop100. The HRtop100 offers a podium to innovative, inspiring HR leaders


Rvdb: HR Development & Consultancy

Shaping you. Shaping hr. Shaping the future


HR Consultancy

We believe that HR plays a crucial role in every organisation: driving, connecting and supporting. Change starts with you. We help you as an HR professional to develop and strengthen your organisation. Team hr development & consultancy is ready for you.

Personal development

Today's companies want to be innovative and agile. They have to be in these turbulent times. Hr is needed more than ever before. As an hr professional, you are a driving force behind organisational change. Day in, day out, you are busy getting people on board and motivating them. This is easier said than done, because change is not easy for anyone. We humans are creatures of habit and quickly fall back into old patterns. If you really want to help the organisation to change, start with yourself. Because then you will be able to inspire others to do the same.

Rvdb will help through the Rvdb development programme, executive intervision for hrm leaders, the intention or (career) coaching.

Team development

Everything is changing and fast. The world, society, the economy and our HR profession. We are convinced that the added value of hr professionals is increasingly about what they can proactively do for people within an organisation. People are thought of more from a personal perspective than from a process perspective. This also means that we live in a time in which you must continue to develop continuously, as an individual and as a team. We ensure that the hr professionals with whom we work continue to grow towards the place where they can do their best work. At every level, in every specialism and in all roles.

We realise this for your HR team by developing and implementing an in-company development programme or by team coaching.

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