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potential vs performance

What is the first thing you think of when it comes to talent management? Potential or performance? These two words are easily linked when it comes to talent management. They differ in meaning but complement each other when you assess talent. Employees with high potential can act at a higher level than his or her colleagues. To be successful, it is important to perform well so that (organizational) goals are achieved. So the question is whether you recognize potential and make full use of it? Do you create paths and opportunities for employees to develop autonomously and with ownership into the best version of themselves?

the solution for talent management

Where do you start? Talent management means exploring what talent is for your organization. What is the vision of the management board? And what should the purpose of talent management in the organization be? This is always the starting point of talent management and determines your direction and actions. By translating the organizational objectives into the required qualities and potential on the human side, you gain insight into what is important for your organization to put first in talent management.

Employees want to grow both professionally and personally and leave organizations because another organization promises them this. Through talent management you show growth prospects in their career. Something that nowadays seems to be one of the main priorities of the jobseeker in the Netherlands.

rvdb helps with talent management

Need some extra hands for talent management? Rvdb specializes in talent management. We are a talent factory ourselves and know how to grow human talents. Rvdb can therefore help you quickly. Our HR business consultants have worked with many different organizations (private and public sector) and helped them further with this. They often see that talent management fails due to insufficient support or clear definitions. The Rvdb consultants invest precisely in these elements and therefore achieve success.

We strengthen organizations by unlocking the power of people

how do our consultants make the difference with talent management?

They do what works best: with the help of sharp analyzes, the best solution for your organization is devised and successfully implemented. The knowledge and approach stem from practice & experience and are used to measure for your organization.

who are the rvdb people & culture consultants?

They believe that the success of organizations is always determined by flourishing people. That is why HR business consultants operate at the interface between people and organization. They are curious and open and know how to use their fresh perspective for your organization in a sensitive way. They work closely together with you and your team. The Rvdb employees work in confidence and advise on the basis of trust. They maintain their own and critical view. This makes them world-wise and rust-free.

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