Safety, trust and inclusion in the workplace

Do your employees feel safe to speak up in your organisation?


Safety, trust and inclusion in the workplace

The recent exposure of transgressive behaviour in organisations have caused quite a stir. Organisations are struggling with questions such as 'how to create a safe working environment' and 'what is the effect of power'. We believe that the solution is not only in implementing processes and protocols, but that the focus should be on creating awareness and trust, and stimulating positive behaviour. It's these elements that create a safe working culture.


What can Rvdb Consultancy do for you?

  • Create awareness & trust

  • Learning about your own norms and values, but also the norms and values from the other and the organisation

  • Creating an open and honest conversation about a safe work environment

  • Defining a moral compass

  • Learning to recognise and indicate boundaries

In the two-day session 'Safety, trust and inclusion', we address all these points and help your organisation take the next steps on this subject.

We also deliver complete customised programmes on this theme. Curious what it could do for your organisation? Please contact us via

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