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Performance management is currently a "hot item". Large organizations are bringing out the news that they are letting go of the traditional process of performance management. Other news items are about self-managing teams where performance management is aligned within the teams. There are many different options to choose from in the field of renewed performance management. The big question is: what will be good for your organization?

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There are different ways to organize performance management. From the traditional way to modern ways of performance review 2.0 and all variants in between. The most important guiding principle is to make a link of the contribution of the individual employee to the organizational objectives and vision. Define when someone is successful and how you want to value it. Appreciation is much broader than financial reward and is found in development perspective, recognition and autonomy.

How is the performance management process at your organization going? Are all the talents and potential of the employees exploited? Are managers able to draw complete development processes for their team? Is there a translation of each individual contribution to the greater purpose?

rvdb helps with performance management

Performance management is an important tool for growing your people and therefore organizations. We help you to evaluate the performance and especially to see how personal development and team objectives can be linked for the coming year. Not aimed at looking back and condemning. But looking back, evaluating and looking ahead.

As experienced project managers in the field of performance management, we link the importance of employees to the organizational goals. Employees want to be valued, have a development perspective and contribute to the bigger picture. This is looking ahead to the goals and making concrete result and development agreements.

We believe in the power of self-reflection. Self-reflections helps you create more self-awareness - which helps people learn and grow from an intrinsic motivation. We therefore see reflection as the most important part of performance management. You can stimulate this through self-reflection, coaching by supervisor and direct colleagues via 360 ° feedback - and ideally by a combination of these tools.

The People & Culture consultants at Rvdb are well aware of all forms of performance management. From the traditional assessment and rewarding to the modern ways of reviewing. For Rvdb, you situation and question is leading, not the solution as such. We look ahead. To the future.

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"Like many other companies, Bilfinger Tebodin would like to work with "Performance Management 2.0". But how do you determine what fits and does not suit the organization? And how do you ensure that you make sufficient progress in this change process? Rvdb guided us very well in this. Through a working session with the project team, we gained inspiration and dared to make decisions that fit our corporate culture. We left with a clear vision and planning and are able to implement a new development model. Rvdb was our ‘push in the right direction’. We experienced this working session as a very pleasant collaboration with engaged HR Business Consultants.”

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