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The rapidly changing market with its economic challenges, new technologies, growing need for an agile mindset and a changing workforce, requires a different approach to work. Adapting quickly is key to keep up. it requires a lot of work to strengthen your external proposition, and serve your customers beyond their expectations. But how do you organize your own organization in these changing times? How do you translate your external proposition into an internal structure? And how do you organize yourself in such a way that employees flourish, goals are achieved, and work is done in collaboration and efficiently? 

More and more often there is a need to firmly establish the organizational structure and its associated function profiles. The traditional hierarchical organisational structure no longer seems to fit. But what will? We talk a lot about self-managing teams, but your succesful competitior is using a completely different organizational design. What fits your organization, and how can you make a difference? 

The solution for organisational design

The organizational structure and its associated function profiles that the organization chooses, has impact on how your employees do their work on a daily basis. And therefore influences how successful an organization will be. Thinking through your organizational design helps create an organizational structure that helps achieve business ánd where employees can fully flourish.

By creating a framework that fits, you create clarity about who is accountable for what in the organization, what skills flourish in this organization and how the organization can grown. A strong foundation can make the difference at a higher level.

A good organizational design reflects the mission, vision and strategy of the company. Your organizational design is always tailor-made. Specific elements that are matching to the organization - such as your core values, the ideal way of working, decision-making processes - together with im- and explicit wishes, form the starting point for your design. It is essential that choices in organizational design are made consciously and are aligned with your organization.

Rvdb helps with organizational design

It starts with you. With our expertise in different ways of building organization structures and with the criteria and wishes for yourorganization in mind, we develop the best design for your company to realize your ambitions. In doing so, we not only look at which structure is easiest to create, but more specifically in what kind of structrue you and your employees function best. cAfter all, the golden rule at Organizational Design is: fix the structure last. The design should be a logical consequence of your strategy, the desired way of working together, clear expectations, roles in the organization and a shared understanding of who is accountable for what. Based on a thorough analysis, the best solution for your organization is created and successfully implemented. We strive for a clear, functional, simple and supported design that is always tailored to the organization.

An example

A scale-up organization is growing steadily and wants to professionalize HR processes. Due to the growth, the first requirement was to set up job profiles, matching with this value-driven organization.

In addition to this question, a more specific need emerged from the discussions: The organization has a very clear external mission and ambition, but this has not yet been translated internally to employees. This makes it difficult for the organization to keep a grip on this mission and ambition and to be able to make adjustments.

As a first step, we guided the organization through a strategy session. In this session we discussed how the external mission and ambition, together with the core values, can be translated to our internal team and processes: What is our organizational culture and how do you contribute to that as an individual?

The outcome of this session becaome the framework on which the entire HR policy was built.

The end result for this organization was a completely new HR cycle, based on its own organizational values. The organizational values became part of the job profiles. The performance cycle is evaluated on the basis of the described organizational culture. Employees now have insight into the development paths and how they can lead their own development. The HR organization has been established and all elements are now present to foster organizational growth.

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