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Learning and development is woven into everything. Think back to the times that you have experienced great growth yourself. What happened, who was involved and what made it a learning opportunity? Rarely will the answer lie in formal training. The greatest learning moments often arise from situations in which people are offered opportunities, learn from colleagues and mentors or are confronted with surprises and must immediately find a solution. With the insights and psychology behind how people learn and the techniques and digital developments of our time, we can make learning within organizations a lot more fun and effective. Ultimately it is about helping people to get the best out of themselves by challenging them and bringing insights that lead to different behavior, so that everyone can consciously use their qualities to serve the organizations goals.

the solution for learning & development

Our vision on learning and development goes further than just organizing training and programs. The starting point for a learning organization is the mission and vision of the organization and investigating the biggest challenges that require different behavior, competences or knowledge. Where do you see the difference between what the organization demands from people and what is present in house? When it is clear what these challenges are and what solutions we can find in terms of people and their qualities, we will design the right learning interventions to support on this.

This can be done by, for example, drawing up a vision on learning and development for your organization, building an academy, devising and rolling out programs to guide teams or individuals. The ultimate goal is to help you become a learning organization that moves along with changes.

rvdb helps with learning & development

Rvdb is itself a learning environment for HR professionals and is happy to share its vision with other organizations. Learning in today’s world is no longer the same as simply following courses. Learning is mostly done on the work floor itself. Rvdb helps to embed learning in daily practice with the right initiatives to offer as much room as possible for growth. Growth that goes hand in hand with the vision of your organization.

Our HR business consultants worked with many different organizations (private and public sector) and helped them to learn and develop further. Learning is always supportive of the organization and its success. That is why the consultants look for the why behind learning and link learning interventions to the organizational objectives. It must be clear to both the organization and the people to what goals they are contributing with their learned qualities.

They do what works best: with the help of sharp analyzes, the best solution for your organization is devised and successfully implemented. The knowledge and approach stem from practice & experience and are used to measure for your organization.

"We strengthen organizations by unlocking the power of people"

who are the rvdb hr business consultants?

They believe that the success of organizations is always determined by flourishing people. That is why HR business consultants operate at the interface between people and organization. They are curious and open and know how to use their fresh perspective for your organization in a sensitive way. They work closely together with you and your team. The Rvdb employees work in confidence and advise on the basis of trust. They maintain their own and critical view. This makes them world-wise and rust-free.

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