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let's say, you work at a nice company. The company has been around for decades and has always been successful. The company takes good care of its employees and has grown by providing expertise and quality. The leadership positions are filled withvery good people who have climbed the ladder by working hard and being very good at their job. This makes you proud, because within your company people still get real opportunities. But still, for some time you have been getting the feeling that "it is slipping through your fingers". So many things are changing nowadays and the changes are going so fast. The results are slightly less succesful than a few years ago. Managers are searching for their position and responsibility. Employees are tired of someone looking over their shoulder all the time. Young employees speak up and demand more autonomy and flexibility. This requires a different way of working and working together. It requires a cultural change. Where do you start? With investing in employer branding to attract the good people? With marketing to increase sales? Or with the leaders within your organization, who ensure that employees can flourish?

the solution for leadership development.

There is not one kind of leadership. Every situation requires a different type of leader. During a crisis you can use an energetic leader and during a period of prosperity you can use a stimulating and facilitating leader. You therefore do your research. What type of leadership do you need in the current and desired situation? And which organizational culture do you want to strive at? The "tone at the top" is decisive.

A leadership profile must change with the time and period in which your organization finds itself. This means that you always take a positive critical look at how your organization is doing and what type of leadership you need for that situation.

rvdb helps with leadership development

At Rvdb we help many organizations with leadership questions. This varies from requests to coaching a management team with strategy formation to requests to design and build a whole new leadership program as a project leader. Due to these different types of questions, we also work with different approaches. However, one thing is always key in our approach: What values do you bring as an individual and which values are important within your organization? You lead yourself and your employees from these values.

We believe not only in leadership in leadership positions, but also in leading yourself. The more you invest in the personal development of all your people, in line with your organization values, the better your people make and balance their own decisions in accordance with these organization values. But you cannot simply impose or enforce taking of own responsibility and freedom on people: this requires a guided process of training, coaching and adjustment where necessary.

We have a lot of experience with developing organization-wide leadership processes: focus on leaders, but also on personal leadership with employees.

an example

Who are our leaders of the future and how do we spot and develop them? Development of leadership potential and competencies was less present within our client, a technical organization. Rvdb, together with the HR management, has built a framework to assess leadership potential and discuss it with a group of delegates from the management board in a talent committee. The aim is to offer the leaders of the future the right development opportunities that would help them in their next step, from leadership program to business assignments. This means that we have worked on the talent identification process with, among other things, the right roles and responsibilities, assessments, committees, training for the HR team and supporting materials. This was the first step towards a more structured and objective approach of talent management for the leaders of the future within this organization.

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